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Picked this up used just recently. A lot of good press on this stick. Folks say it is more an 8 than a 7. I’m hoping that is the case. I got a 600 compact skagit that hasn’t gotten a lot of airtime. I’m thinking it will handle it just fine.

The plan is to string this up for kings. I know it isn’t the “right” stick to go after kings but I figure I won’t feel so bad if this thing explodes on me if and when I get lucky enough to tie into one. I suppose I could have picked up a 9wt. Another time perhaps. For now the 7130 fits nicely. A good backup for my primary 7wt and a loaner for my brother when he visits.

The water I plan to fish isn’t all that big and the fish aren’t HUGE. The big kings are tough no matter what weight rod you are using. I’ve caught a few on the ol’ singlehanders…8wts, 9wts, and 10wts. Exploded a 9wt trying to keep a king from turning back into the current. Should be fun.

The VT2 7130 seems like it has some meat down low. No sense worrying about it now…I’ll just figure out what to do when the time comes.


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