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Come on!!! You have to be kidding me right? Just yesterday all of the snow in the yard had melted away. Spring ain’t much of a fighter I see. Makes sense with all those pastel colors and flowers. Damn sissy. Winter is one harsh mofo. It ain’t going out without a fight. By the looks of it outside, winter is laying down one hell of a beatdown – AGAIN!

Word is that a “winter storm watch is in effect”. You don’t say. By 8AM tomorrow morning we should have up to 24 inches of this wet heavy gloom laid upon us.

Oh joy.


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Every year without fail we get hit with a spring snowstorm. What we were experiencing before…that was just pre-spring. Woke up this morning and peered out the window to see the white stuff falling from the sky. Thought for sure it would end by the afternoon. Nope.

It’s been snowing all day and is suppose to last through the weekend and stretch into the early part of the week. There is about 5 inches on the driveway now. May turn into a foot by tomorrow. Am I going to break out the snowblower? Are you kidding me…heck no. That’s just asking for trouble. I put that away a long time ago. I’d hate to wake it out of hibernation.

Don’t worry boys and girls…just means the real spring is right around the corner.

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