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Night sessions are about just getting out, putting a few turns in, finding a few powder stashes, airing it out a bit, and knocking a few back at the end of a hard day.



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It isn’t surprising that winter is here already based on the summer we had this year. Last year we didn’t see snow until after Halloween. The snow came early this year and it’s determined to stick around. Most folks around town are complaining. They’re more of a “glass is half empty” kind of people.

Last week I caught wind of a group of “glass is half full” kind of people who’ve already managed to get a few turns in this season. No SHIT!!!

Thursday after work I met up with that crew and hiked a few hundred feet and made my first turns of the year. It’s October and I’m already riding. What more could you ask for?

Well worth the effort. | Photo by D. Yi

Taking in the view. | Photo by A. Huey

Yours truly laying down a line. | Photo by A. Huey

Time to go. | Photo by D. Yi

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