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A couple of days ago after visiting my barber I decided to pay the little fishes a visit. I’ve since cooled off and was looking to even things up a bit. By the looks of this, I’m going to have to wait. Things aren’t looking so good. I imagine this flushed things out pretty good.

A couple of days of rain and all the locals are looking a little murky. For the three people who will read this…this ain’t the flow so relax.


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Tuber came out of hiatus today to explore a new local flow with me on our lunch break. I guess Tuber couldn’t take it anymore. Word from a good friend was this flow was better than the one I fished previously.

Within 10 minutes of arrival, Tuber and I each lost a GINORMOUS rainbow in a stream not much wider than we are tall.

I took Jay there this evening and promptly lost three more F___ING BIG ASS FISH! Once hooked these fish just went ballistic. It didn’t help that the F___ING banks are lined with trees that just grab your rod when you hook a fish. COME ON!!!

I’m not sure what I am doing wrong. I’m thinking the new environment of fishing in a wooded tunnel is f___ing with my mojo. Apparently 8 1/2 feet of fly rod is just a little too much.

Tuber is hitting it again in the morning. I’m going to pass. I think it is best for everyone, because if I lose another big ass fish I’m going to lose it.

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