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It’s no secret that by the end of next month, those peaks will be covered with snow. At this point it is a little overwhelming because it doesn’t seem like we ever had summer. The end of the season is drawing near and like the fish, I’m rushing to get in one more bite. I’m doing whatever it takes to stretch it out even further.

The forecast for the rest of the season seems good. This week we are hosting The Neil Creek CEO on some of our home waters. Next month will be devoted to the two-hander swinging flies for big rainbows and steelhead. That will most likely cap off the season here in Alaska as winter will force most everyone off the water.

On deck for November is a trip outside to chase ghosts in the Pacific Northwest. If all goes well, that will undoubtedly be the highlight of the season.

Winter is on it’s way. No doubt about that. This afternoon I watched as geese flew in formation across the gray, cloud filled sky. They pointed south. Obvious indication that change is in the air.


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C & R

Don't see that everyday. | Photo by D. Yi

That right there is something I stumbled upon on the last trip. Sad sight to see, that big of a rainbow, rotting with eyes picked clean. I venture to guess that this was probably the result of a botched catch and release. I don’t really know. This fish may have died from old age. Who really knows.

My guess is unnatural causes. It was found in a peculiar spot. Something to keep in mind when you are practicing catch and release. Do the fish a favor and bring it in as quickly and cleanly as you can. Have the camera ready and don’t pull it out of the water for very long. One other thing, use gear appropriate for the conditions. A little too heavy is better than a little too light.

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