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Mark it on your calendars folks. That is a big day for salmon, clean water, and the people of Alaska. If you care, stand up and show your support. It’s that simple…VOTE!

My good friend Tuber wrote a great piece on Pebble and if you haven’t read it…go do it now – Pebble Problem.

I’ve gone back several times and reread Ballot Measure No. 4. It is clear to me that the Clean Water Initiative is about keeping pollutants, acids, and toxins from getting into the water . It isn’t about shutting down all mines. It’s about shutting down those that dirty up the water.

So what’s wrong with that?

People who oppose the Clean Water Initiative will argue that the poorly worded initiative threatens mining jobs in Alaska. They should stop and think about the other side of the coin. What about those jobs that rely on the salmon? The reality is that the ballot measure will not shut down mining in Alaska – now or in the future. It just asks for a higher standard. When Alaskans Against the Mining Shutdown were asked for specifics in a recent forum they couldn’t come up with a single example of how Ballot Measure No. 4 would shut down mining in Alaska.

For me, the argument about lost jobs isn’t that critical on whether I support the initiative or not. Jobs are important no matter which side of the coin you are on.

What is more important to me is the affect the Pebble Mine will have on the landscape of the Bristol Bay region and the ripple effect it will have on the ecosystem there. No matter how one approaches the issue, a giant hole in the ground where there once wasn’t one and blocking streams that once flowed free, can’t have a positive impact on the environment.

Vote Yes on #4 on August 26, 2008


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Last night, our small devoted crew joined in on the Bristol Bay Keep it Wild Rally at the Wendy Williamson Auditorium. On hand were Nunamta Aulukestai “Caretakers of Our Land” members along with Dr. Bruce Switzer, Dr. Carol Ann Woody, and Tim Bristol [Trout Unlimited – Alaska] to go along with a salmon bake and showing of Felt Soul Media’s Red Gold.

Bobby Andrew (spokesman for Nunamtu Aulukestai) grilling wild Bristol Bay sockeye salmon.

Each gave a presentation and brought their unique perspective to the forum. I learned a lot and what struck me the most was the sincerity of the Alaskan Natives from Bristol Bay. It isn’t about lost jobs for them. It’s about losing their way of life. Many of them never spoke in front of a large crowd and it showed, but their courage and honesty more than made up for the nerves. We heard their message loud and clear. Without the salmon there is nothing.

43 MILLION. Let that sink in for a minute or two. That is how many sockeye salmon returned to Bristol Bay in 2006 then again in 2007 and is projected for 2008 according to the Alaska Department of Fish & Game.

The highlight for many that evening was the showing of Red Gold. Travis Rummel and Ben Knight [Felt Soul Media] spent 60+ days filming in Bristol Bay and a solid year to pull this very important film together. During the filming they updated The Wire and everyone got a personal account of the development of Red Gold.

The film is inspiring and simply amazing. You will have to see it for yourself. The salmon mean everything to the Bristol Bay region and if it were to disappear, so would everything else.

I could think of no place in Alaska where I’d less rather see the largest open pit mine in the world than at the headwaters of the Koktuli and Talarik Creek, two world-class fishing streams and wild salmon spawning areas. – the late Jay Hammond

After watching Red Gold you can clearly understand the truth in that statement. The risks far outweigh the benefits.


If you missed the rally, you can show your support by showing up at the following events. Don’t miss Red Gold.

TV Broadcasts of Red Gold on KTVA in Southcentral AK
Aug 10      8-9am
Aug 17      8-9am

TV Broadcast of Red Gold on GCI Cable in Fairbanks, AK
Aug 10      8-9am


  • Aug 19 Renewable Resources Coalition Showing
    Anchorage Museum Auditorium
    Intro by Kathy Day, representing ACW


  • Aug 22 Felt Soul Media and Trout Unlimited Showing
    Presentation Sponsored by the Associated Students of Business
    Time: TBA
    Schiable Auditorium, University of Alaska Fairbanks campus


  • Aug 19 Renewable Resources Coalition Presentation
    Triumvariate Theatre at the Peninsula Center Mall
    Event includes film showing, t-shirt sale, and live music.


  • Aug 17 Renewable Resources Coalition Showing
    Seward Community Library
    Event includes a presentation by Dave Atcheson, Renewable Resources Coalition*
    The Seward Community Library is not sponsoring or endorsing this program.


  • Aug 22 ACW Presentation
    Coliseum Theater


  • Aug 21 ACW Presentation
    Free wild salmon BBQ at Buoy Deck
    Red Gold screening at Centennial Hall, 8pm with a special intro by movie co-producer, Lauren Oakes.


  • Aug 22 ACW Presentation
    Location is Sons of Norway

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Just got word from the Renewable Resources Coalition that Felt Soul Media’s Red Gold will be showing in Alaska.

August 8th – Anchorage, AK
Bristol Bay Keep it Wild Rally
Wendy Williamson Auditorium, UAA, Anchorage, 4-9pm
Event includes a salmon bake; a rally on Bristol Bay issues; presentations by Dr. Switzer, Native community leaders, fisherman, and others; as well as the film showing.

August 19th – Soldotna, AK
Renewable Resources Coalition Presentation: Red Gold
Triumvariate Theatre at the Peninsula Center Mall, 7pm
Food and live music to follow.

See you there.

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Today in the mail I received “The Alaska Mining Survey” from Alaskans Against the Mining Shutdown.

We want to know what you think about these important issues and the future of Alaska’s tradition of responsible resource development. Please fill out the attached Alaska Mining Survey and return it today. Thank you.

Plain and simple. It’s about Ballot Measure 4 – Clean Water. Where do you stand?

Can you hear me now?

I can’t speak for everyone but I would venture to guess that those folks who support Ballot Measure 4 don’t oppose mining. I know I don’t. It’s about keeping our waters clean. In a nutshell…the risk is too great. The potential for disaster is there. Project Management 101 – You can’t eliminate risk; you can only manage and mitigate it.

What happens if you fail?

Just not worth it.

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