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Redoubt Ash

Ashy tracks | Photo courtesy of The Wife

Ash finally hit town after several eruptions that began on March 22nd. A shift in the winds brought more than a light dusting. It canceled everything from flights, skiing, casting practice, and the Fly Fishing Film Tour.

Not cool.

The time before this was back in 1989. I can’t remember at all what, if anything, it disrupted back some 20 years ago. All I know is that it messed with some serious plans this weekend.

Combine that with an avalanche blocking the highway and the signs were clear. Not a good weekend to travel too far from home.


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The first I’ve been reading for a while now and the second I just picked up. I’ve already managed to chew through them both more than once. Two different perspectives on the same art. Both good reads.

In the past two months the scene around here has been anything but typical. A cold snap lasting weeks…then leading to temperatures into the high 40’s and rain…then into another cold snap with a volcanic eruption looming in the background.

Makes for an interesting winter for sure.

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