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Routine’s been simple around here. Sleep…eat…work…hockey…ski.


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Growing up, everyone played hockey. My brother and I lived across the street from the hockey rink and during the winters we played everyday. All the kids from the neighborhood would converge on the rink. We would toss all of the sticks into the middle and toss them blindly to the left and right. That’s how we picked teams.

We played when it was cold enough to crack a puck. We played from sun up to sun down. We played until the lights went out.

I quit playing organized hockey about 10 years ago. Not sure why but it happened. Sold or gave away all my gear except my skates. Picked up a stick and some gloves a year or so ago to play some shinny hockey. Recently picked up a new pair of skates.

IMGP2306_babI’m on the waitlist for the FHL (Fun Hockey League). Hoping it’s a short list. I’m ready to play.

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