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My brother says that in another month these will be ripe for the pick’n. Might have to ask him to box me up a few and send them my way.

Asian Pear

Down here in the PNW again. This time without a rod and reel. It was a tough choice but with the state of the economy and the bloodsucking airlines it doesn’t give a fisher much to work with.

Not sure how the fishers in the PNW handle this heat. I’m thinking now I could have made a little room in the carry-on for a rod and reel. Don’t do a lot of wet wading back home so it never occurred to me.

Might have to convince my brother to invest in a little fishing gear.

In another month things will start to crack open back home. Expecting some company…some old faces…some new. Fortunate for me I have a very understanding spouse. Just have to get a few more chores done to seal the deal.


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Due to a mix-up at the campground entrance…got a better camping spot out of the deal.

Cut an hour plus hike into one kickass 15 minute bike ride.

Shared a beautiful piece of water with friends.

Got to show one of them for the first time.

Threw a few dries and buggers.

Caught a few.

Watched hundreds and hundreds of salmon swim by my feet.

Stood in the middle of them as they nervously rushed by.

Brought a few home.

Grilled one up the next day.

Makes for a good day wouldn’t you say?







The past couple of weeks have been hectic. Both sides of the family are due in town in a couple of weeks. Been heavy into harvest mode gathering up the necessary fish and game for the summer backyard bbq sessions. The hands and fingers wear the signs of use and abuse.

I’ve been sampling the goods heavily. I feel it is my duty as a good host. Have to be sure that what I’m serving up is worthy of the effort.

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