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Interesting article in the latest Alaska Magazine. Would you care if Dusty Byrd-Coulliette guided you for a day? Probably not.

Women on the Water – E. Donnall Thomas, Alaska Magazine, June 2008

When they realize their guide for the day is a woman, many clients are pleasantly surprised, or at least don’t voice their doubts, Byrd-Coulliette said. But not all are polite. One angler stomped back up the dock and announced that he “wouldn’t fish with a girl.” But doubters are soon won over by her knowledge of the river and the best fishing techniques, and her ability to handle a boat.

– E. Donnall Thomas, Alaska Magazine, June 2008


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If you are planning a fly fishing trip to Alaska, check out the just recently launched Alaska Fly Fishing Goods. Brad Elfers and his crew have been running a fly shop and guiding for the past 15 years out of Juneau and have decided to bring their collective experience to the forefront. The site will help you figure out what, where, and how. Alaska is big…you might need some help finding your way around.

Editor-at-Large behind Alaska Fly Fishing Goods is the very own Neil Creek Chief Svengali himself G_Smolt. We all know how fishy that mofo is. Surefire guarantee that the site won’t disappoint.

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