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I’ve been fairly preoccupied these past few weeks. Work is always a bitch regardless. No matter how good your day is going…SNAP…like that…your day can go to shit. Didn’t help that I got sick either. I’m not sure what it is, probably bad diet and no exercise, but when I get sick…any little bit…I get f’ing sick. Sinus, snot, coughing, body aches, and fever. Toughed it out this time and sucked down NyQuil, Red Bulls, Airborne and Sudafed to keep me trucking through the work week.

I’m over it…sort of.

In two weeks I’ll be swinging. Not much more to say about that. I’m knee deep in preparation. I’ve got the house covered in marabou, ostrich, dubbing, flash, waddingtons, stingers, tubes, bunny, guinea, dazl eyes, schlappen, T-14, T-11, and everything else associated with making sure I’m the only reason why I ain’t hooking a damn thing.



I’ve never been on a guided trip and this will be the second time I’ve ever lugged a fly rod out of the state. The last time didn’t go so well. The worst storm ever hit the day we drove from Billings, Montana to Story, Wyoming on I-90. Put every piece of water I planned to flog in very bad shape. I’ve got high hopes this time.

To keep me sane throughout the winter and to give me something else to work on, I was lucky enough to get an early Ramahanukwanzmas present. I’ve dropped golf so I need something else to fill the void.

I now ski.

Specs on the new boards look like this, 142 on top, 115 in the waist, and 139 on the bottom. What can I say? Fat is good!!! The word is these boards are great in the deep stuff and rip on the groomers. A snowboard feel. I like that!!!

So you can see I got a lot on my hands. I’m waiting for the big dump to happen and doing everything I can to increase my chances of a hookup.

Turns out I don’t have much control over either one. Soooo…I’ve been praying a lot.


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