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This chum never had a chance. Princess gets what princess wants.


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With very limited free time and a ginormous urge to fish, Tuber and I decided to hit a not so secret spot just a wee bit down the highway for a few hours. Given more time we probably would have hiked in somewhere to fish for oversized grayling. When you fish as little as we do…beggars can’t be choosers. Oh well…better to fish than not.

The night before I whipped up a few of these. A very simple tie on a tube. Polar chenille, marabou, schlappen, diamond braid, barbell eyes, and some dubbing.

Rigged stinger style it seemed to do the trick. Rolling the singlehander this time and a short piece of T-14, I managed to hook and land the only silver of the day for me. Chrome as can be with sea lice.

Not to say we didn’t catch any other fish. Quite the contrary. Tuber was quite good at hooking chum after chum. It’s true what they say…pink will get you a chum every time. This particular chum I witnessed the whole thing go down from the moment Tuber’s fly hit the water to the take. As the fly dead drifted a bit after it smacked the water, I saw this chum rise off the bottom and suck it down. Tuber didn’t believe me when I said he had a chum until his line tightened up on the swing. Not quite moldy but well on it’s way.

All in all the trip turned out to be a good one. Chrome silver fillets tucked neatly into the freezer along with a little something from our Canadian neighbor, eh.

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