Not at all

Don’t mind waking up at 3AM.

Don’t mind driving in the dark.

Don’t mind sleeping in my truck.

Don’t mind hiking.

Don’t mind the wind.

Don’t mind the rain.

Don’t mind the heat.

Don’t mind the cold.

Don’t mind rowing.

Don’t mind being tired.

Don’t mind working for it.


Good month



This setup is going to help me get into a few more flows and make those solo missions that much easier.  I can easily man handle this rig by myself and it fits snugly into the bed of my truck. At 10 feet I should be able to run this in some moderately gnarly water and live to tell about it.

Best of all I picked this up for less than the cost of a high-end fly rod and in like new condition.

Next step is to work on the custom modifications to get this thing fish ready.


Familiar faces, new name. The crew is back at it. MOTIV Fishing.


I spent two days with the 4 weight on a small creek casting between bright red fire trucks. Trying hard not to hook one of the bright red beasties and trying even harder not to break off and re-rig. When they’re fresh and chrome they’re worth the fight, now they’re just a nuisance keeping me from the real prize.

My timing was good. Found them everywhere I thought they would be. Tucked in behind the spawners they were easy to spot. Most were scrappy but a few made the old Hardy sing a little tune.

I’m beginning to think you can’t catch humpies when it’s sunny outside. For me it has to be pissing down rain before I even think about casting a fly to humpies. I know when the run is peaking in this particular creek when the weather forecast shows 5 straight days of downpour.

Great way to spend the day on light gear and a good opportunity to put those junker flies to good use. You know the flies I’m talking about. Something went awry in the construction or you just don’t like the way it turned out and now it isn’t worthy to take up space in your fly box but you don’t have the heart to throw it out or the motivation to salvage the hook. You know…this fly.

Lucky for me, humpies really don’t give a darn what the thing looks like. They only care that it’s violating its personal bubble.

One of a bazillion that force their way up into every flowing piece of water about this time every year. This one I happened to nab in one of those small windows when it isn’t pouring down rain.