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I’m beginning to think you can’t catch humpies when it’s sunny outside. For me it has to be pissing down rain before I even think about casting a fly to humpies. I know when the run is peaking in this particular creek when the weather forecast shows 5 straight days of downpour.

Great way to spend the day on light gear and a good opportunity to put those junker flies to good use. You know the flies I’m talking about. Something went awry in the construction or you just don’t like the way it turned out and now it isn’t worthy to take up space in your fly box but you don’t have the heart to throw it out or the motivation to salvage the hook. You know…this fly.

Lucky for me, humpies really don’t give a darn what the thing looks like. They only care that it’s violating its personal bubble.

One of a bazillion that force their way up into every flowing piece of water about this time every year. This one I happened to nab in one of those small windows when it isn’t pouring down rain.


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Redoubt Ash

Ashy tracks | Photo courtesy of The Wife

Ash finally hit town after several eruptions that began on March 22nd. A shift in the winds brought more than a light dusting. It canceled everything from flights, skiing, casting practice, and the Fly Fishing Film Tour.

Not cool.

The time before this was back in 1989. I can’t remember at all what, if anything, it disrupted back some 20 years ago. All I know is that it messed with some serious plans this weekend.

Combine that with an avalanche blocking the highway and the signs were clear. Not a good weekend to travel too far from home.

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