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This evening a small group headed to the Moose’s Tooth Pub & Pizzeria to partake in a little birthday celebration. Another year older for yours truly.

Moose’s Tooth

Moose’s Tooth newly remodeled.

If you’ve never been to the Moose’s Tooth to sample some of the best pizza and beer in town you owe it to yourself and your fishing mates to swing on by sometime. The Moose’s Tooth Brewing Company churns out some of the best beers you’ll ever throw down. Ohh…an then there is First Tap held on the first Thursday of every month. Live band and you guessed right…first tap of some very fine frosty beverage.

Interesting enough my rig also hit a milestone today, on the way to the festivities mind you. For months now I’ve been eyeballing the odometer anxiously watching for it to reach what I consider a miracle. You see I have a love/hate relationship with my Chevy. When I drove it off the lot it barely had 12 miles on the odometer. Trouble didn’t start to brew until after a solid year had gone by when things starting to go bad with the fuel injectors. After a long drawn out battle and essentially new cylinder heads and some major engine work [free mind you outside of warranty] the reincarnation has been a blessing. So it gives me great pleasure to see my Chevy reach this milestone.

Can’t believe my eyes

Had to stop in the middle of the road to take this picture. If you know what me and this Chevy went through I’m sure you would understand. Luckily no one was behind me but even if I was in the middle of an intersection I would’ve stopped. Wouldn’t have missed this for the world!

Even after all the trouble my Chevy has put me through it has never failed to get me to the river and back. Sadly though my Chevy hasn’t taken me fishing for a few years now. Even though I miss my rig, I know it’s been promoted to much more important duties now closer to home.


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Even a chef has to eat

After spending all morning and afternoon serving up steak and egg specials, we hit one of the local eateries for a much needed break. I’ve worked at a restaurant before…at the end of the day the last thing you wanted to do was to cook for yourself. Fortunately for us there are several nice establishments near by.

Sunrise Inn

Sunrise Inn – Cooper Landing | Photo by D. Yi

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