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The first I’ve been reading for a while now and the second I just picked up. I’ve already managed to chew through them both more than once. Two different perspectives on the same art. Both good reads.

In the past two months the scene around here has been anything but typical. A cold snap lasting weeks…then leading to temperatures into the high 40’s and rain…then into another cold snap with a volcanic eruption looming in the background.

Makes for an interesting winter for sure.


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I consider myself very fortunate having Alaska as my home waters. Even more fortunate considering some great fishing is tucked inside a 150 mile radius of Anchorage. Combine that with what seems to be an endless amount of daylight in the summer and I have to say that “membership has it’s privileges.” The only real downside is that this time of year it’s near impossible to get a fix without seriously jeopardizing a severe frostbite. If you are willing…there are options.

If you’ve ever thought about coming to Alaska or have been here I’m sure you’ve read a lot of guides and how-tos about fishing in this great state. I’m sure they gave you a lot of information of what, where, how, and when. I’ve read a lot of these as well in magazines and journals but the one thing I think they miss is what it truly means to fish and explore Alaska.

Breakfast at Trout’s Place

Breakfast at Trout’s Place by Ken Marsh is a book I find myself reading over and over again not because the stories are about mystic far off places in Alaska with streams and rivers full of giant rainbow trout and salmon, but because I can picture myself there in the story in the moment. I think what draws me into each experience is that the places Ken Marsh has fished and is writing about are places that I’ve been and casted a line. I’ve walked the same hallowed waters. And after reading each story I believe you can’t help but feel that you have too.

As Ken Marsh moves through the season you get a real sense of what many of us who live here in Alaska feel so passionate about and I’m sure you can relate. It’s the exploration and discovery that fly fishing brings that drives our passion. It’s what pulls us out of bed at 3AM and pushes us further down the path to points where the footprints end and your own magic place awaits. You know why you obsess about fly fishing and exploring, Ken Marsh knows this too, there is a greater reward for those who choose to plunge head first into the unknown. We also know that satisfaction is short lived and the passion will push you further than you thought possible.

Breakfast at Trout’s Place is about fly fishing and after you finish reading it I think you will come away with a greater understanding of what we Alaskans already know…it’s good to live here.

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