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Angler's Tonic

Angler’s Tonic is about living a good life with much of it experienced through fishing, meaning the places we visit, the people we meet, and the amazing things we see along the way.

An absolute passion for fishing means Angler’s Tonic brings you compelling true stories, some from as close as our backyards and others from the brink. We understand that fly fishing isn’t easy and we don’t portray it any other way; angling, in what amounts as a metaphor of life, rewards those who persist and punishes those who think all great experiences should be heavily sterilized and served on a silver platter. Fly fishing is about frustration, self discovery and, sometimes, exaltation. It isn’t about buying a $600 pair of waders, a vented cotton shirt, plus an $800 rod, and announcing that you’ve arrived. Angler’s Tonic is a lot about us telling each other, at the appropriate time, of course, “Deal with it.”

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